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We look after YOU

We believe in tolerance. So we don't like zero tolerance. We believe in condemning the sin not the sinner.

Therefore our policy is to have zero tolerance for zero tolerance polices, except ours of course, which is as follows:

We are committed to treating everybody we come into contact with, whether clients, suppliers, or whoever, with respect. If anybody believes they have not been treated with the required level of respect then we would consider it a favour if you would report that under our Complaints Policy so that we can investigate and deal with it.

By the same token however, anybody who fails to show us or any of our staff proper respect will be met with the full sanctions available to us in law, without further warning.

For example, actual or threatened violence, raised voices, harassing or intimidatory behaviour is not acceptable, as is any behaviour that would be a breach of our anti discrimination polices if we did it.

In other words, as always in life, treat others as you would expect to be treated.