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We look after YOU


It has come to our attention that there are scammers out there using our name - either Wilsons or our full proper corporate name Law Offices UK Ltd - even though they are nothing to do with us and have no connection with us whatsoever.

Their intention is presumably to trade on our good name and extract money from people by pretending to be us or associated with us so that their victims have the confidence that they usually place in us and will hand over money to them.

Our contact details are the ones (and ONLY the ones) shown on this website. Any other contact details - address, phone, email, web, whatever - are false. IF YOU USE THESE FALSE DETAILS YOU ARE DEALING WITH A FRAUDSTER, NOT US.

If you are contacted by a fraudster please do not communicate with them in any way, or cease doing so if you have already communicated with them, and contact the police in your jurisdiction immediately with the details.

If you could also send the details to us we would be grateful.

Remember - THIS website and the contact details on it are the only GENUINE ones.