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We look after YOU

Animals do not have legal rights. In law they are treated exactly the same as any other possessions you may have animate or inanimate. Pets cannot vote, do military service, get married, own houses, or do any of the other things that only human beings can do legally. Therefore, if you happen to read in the paper about somebody who has left money to their pet cat, for example, then you are not really being told the whole story. The way it really works is that you would leave the money to a human on trust for them to look after the said cat.

The other side of a coin however, is that pet ownership can bring with it liabilities. For example, if your dog bites somebody. The law on this can be quite involved and different animals are treated legally in different ways. The most obvious example being dangerous animals being treated differently from others. But if you own an animal that injures somebody for example, or you are injured by an animal, then you need detailed legal advice and we can provide this.