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We look after YOU

We regularly have students working in our offices, both during term time and during the college breaks. They are usually, but not exclusively, law students. If they're not law students they are students who have expressed an interest in coming into the law.

In particular, most years each of our offices will have a student working over the summer holidays, or possibly more than one student sharing the summer holidays. These students are often chosen by a trial process that involves them coming in to work for a week or so during the Easter break.

These placements are paid, but not very much. They suit dynamic and exciting individuals who are yearning to be allowed to refill the photocopier and make the tea. Truly thrusting types who show great promise might be allowed to go out at lunchtime to fetch our sandwiches.

Historically, many of our students have gone on to have a career with us, and very few people who were not with us as students and have managed to get in.